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Commercial Qoolpod

Commercial Qoolpod

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Qoolpod offers a sleek and compact design that is sure to be a center piece not an eyesore. Our pod is designed for you to sit comfortably so that you are able to fully enjoy the experience. We use the best of the best. Our commercial unit includes filtration with ozone sanitation, chilling down to 37°F, surface skimmer with hair trap, insulated cover, starter chemical kit, and a step.



Power requirement: 120v/60Hz

Dimensions: 75"x31.25"x36.25"

Weight (Dry): 250lbs

Ozone sanitation

24/7 filtration

Chiller output: 7,000 BTU/hr

Insulated cover

Single step

Designed and manufactured in the USA

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Our commercial cold plunge comes equipped with
several key features to enhance its functionality and ease of maintenance

  • Ozone System

    Ozone is used to disinfect and sanitize the water, helping to maintain water quality and kill harmful bacteria. It's
    an effective method for ensuring that the cold plunge remains clean and safe for your customers.

  • Surface Skimmer

    The skimmer is integrated into the cold plunge to remove debris and contaminants from the water's surface. It helps prevent the accumulation of floating particles, hair, and other foreign matter, keeping the water clean and inviting.

  • Quick Change Filter

    Equipped with a robust filtration system to continually clean and circulate water removing impurities and maintaining water clarity.

  • Ergonomic Seat Design

    Our seat was designed with careful consideration for the comfort and well-being of all sizes, providing the best in class cold plunge experience.