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Qoolpod offers a sleek and compact design that is sure to be a center piece not an eyesore. Our pod is designed for you to sit comfortably so that you are able to fully enjoy the experience. We use the best of the best. Our pod includes filtration with ozone sanitation, chilling/heating bringing you temperatures from 39-104 °F, Bluetooth stereo system, LED lighting, insulated cover, and WiFi temperature control to monitor and control your Qoolpod from anywhere in the world.

Lead time: 4-6 weeks


Power requirement: 120v/60Hz

Dimensions: 74"x31.25"x36.25"

Weight (Dry): 250lbs

Ozone sanitation

24/7 filtration

Chiller output: 5,000 BTU/hr

Bluetooth stereo system

WiFi controller

Insulated cover

Underwater lighting

Designed and manufactured in the USA

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3 Year Limited Warranty click here

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Qoolpod can be used in all enviroments. Equipped with a heater and well insulated cover, it can withstand extreme temperatures.

Customer Reviews

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Checked every box for a Former NFL athlete and Super Bowl Champion

As a former professional athlete I have used many cold plunges within the facilities that are made available. It was an essential aspect of my recovery to hop in after every lift, practice, and game. I was on 6 different teams within my career including a Super Bowl winning team ( I swear this is the truth). So I have had my fair share of experience with recovery and cold plunges.

I had completed a lot of scientific and google research on all the cold plunges available. I stumbled across Qoolpod after googling top cold plunges. I am extremely satisfied with the experience I have had so far. The ergonomic seat, speakers, and quality are the things that really stand out for me.

The seat being at the specific angle it is manufactured in makes it very easy to slide down and fit your entire body in. I am 6’2 and 300lbs and I am able to fit with plenty of room to spare.

Having the transducers right next to your head makes it very nice to listen to music, podcast, books, or whatever you desire! (It is really cool to dip your head and hear how loud the transducers are underneath)

The quality of the Qoolpod is impeccable. One massive selling point was that the manufacturer of this product, has manufactured hot tubs and recovery salt pods for decades! I was extremely fortunate to see the process of building a Qoolpod. It gave me great comfort in knowing that there were individuals building Qoolpods, that knew how to build a great product and have done so for years!

The owner has been very responsive and supportive for anything I have needed as well. He is very motivated to push a great product to people and understands the benefits of having a cold plunge!

Thank you Qoolpod!

Great design, function, size, and price

Great unit made by a great, long standing company. Everything works as it should. Plenty of room for larger person (I'm 6'2, 235lbs). Unit is quiet, easily connects to phone for temp, light, and music. Cover fits perfect and ozone keeps water nice and clean.

Excellent design!

Love our unit, very sleek and all the features are amazing!